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About timeshare exchange, RCI, and Interval International

Timeshare exchange is a popular way to vacation used by millions of timeshare owners each year. An owner of a timeshare can exchange (or trade) a timeshare with other timeshare owners and therefore use their ownership in a single property to travel the world. Timeshare ownership is available in over 100 countries and at over 5,000 timeshare resorts. RCI and Interval International are the largest timeshare exchange companies. Well-known hotel companies Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and Four Seasons offer timeshare ownership.

The most popular timeshare exchange service is RCI. Resorts Condominiums International (RCI) was the very first timeshare exchange service. Today RCI is owned by Wyndham and has over 3 million timeshare owner members. RCI also offers timeshare rentals when a member is unable to find a suitable timeshare exchange as well as other vacation booking services.

The second most popular timeshare exchange company is Interval International. Launched to ensure RCI had competition, Interval now has over 2 million timeshare owner members worldwide. Timeshare owners can use the Interval International website, to view timeshares available for trade.

Today, timeshare exchange is a billion-dollar business. Both RCI and Interval International offer a membership-based service for about $100 per year. That ensures a member has access to the service and website. In order to be eligible to exchange, a timeshare owner must first deposit their timeshare with the timeshare exchange company (RCI or Interval). Once the timeshare is deposited, the owner can then request an exchange. The fee to exchange timeshares ranges from $150 to over $200 per trade.

TimeshareJuice launched in 2010 to offer timeshare owners a viable alternative to timeshare exchange services, RCI and Interval International, without costly membership fees or having to deposit their week and therefore lose the right to use their own timeshare if they are unable to find a suitable exchange on the RCI or Interval service.

About TripRocker

TripRocker enables the trading of all vacation ownership, not just timeshares. Owners of private vacation homes, condominiums as well as timeshares can list their property and trade with owners around the world and pay just $9 per night.