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Interval International Timeshare Exchange

Timeshare exchange is free now! This is great. I have been a member of Interval International (Interval World) for 8 years through Marriott Vacation Club. Here is what I know about Interval International and Interval and timeshare exchange.

Interval International timeshare exchange is a timeshare exchange service. Interval International and RCI Timeshare Exchange are the 2 largest timeshare exchange companies in the world today. Interval International is part of IILG - Interval International Leisure Group. Marriott Vacation Club is a major investor in Interval International when they got started 20 years ago. Interval International was divested from USA Interactive several years ago. Interval World is the website for Interval International.

The major difference between Interval International and Timeshare Juice is that Interval International is expensive and uses phone reps to handle your trades. Timeshare Juice is free and utilizes the web for automate the entire timeshare exchange process.

Annual Membership
Interval International: $89
Timeshare Juice: Free.

Timeshare Exchange (per transaction)
Interval International: $139 - $189 (Interval World)
Timeshare Juice: Free.

Other fees
Interval International: $49
Timeshare Juice: Never.

What Is Interval International?
You can access Interval International on the web at Interval World. Interval International is the 2nd largest timeshare exchange service in the world with over 1,000,000 timeshare owner members and has been around almost 20 years. Interval International provides a large written catalog of resorts for members to browse in order to book their timeshare exchange. You can also browse it online on their website. Once you find some resorts that you are willing to travel to, you call Interval International, deposit your week in the Interval International bank and request a timeshare resort and a date from the Interval International bank. If the week becomes available, the timeshare exchange is made (and you pay the fee). If it does not, the timeshare owner must wait. If it never becomes available, the timeshare owner has no other option than to use their timeshare week at your home resort. The annual membership fee must be paid to Interval International whether the timeshare trade occurred or not. Marriott is a significant investor in Interval International.

The Interval International Timeshare Exchange Process.
In order to begin the process of timeshare exchange with Interval International, the timeshare owner must deposit their week into the Interval International timeshare bank and then choose 3 destinations that they would like to trade for. Then they wait. If the week that the timeshare owner wants is unavailable in the Interval International bank, the customer must wait until one of those resorts that they chose opens up for a trade. If the resort week never opens up or another owner gets that week instead, the timeshare owner has the right to remove their timeshare from the Interval International bank and use it themselves for vacation or trade with another timeshare exchange service.

Common Complaints about Interval International timeshare exchange process:
1. Timeshare owners complain that after waiting so long for Interval International to find them the timeshare week of their choice they have missed out on airfare opportunities. If the timeshare week they want does not open up, sometimes it is just too late at this point to go anywhere else and must use their week or forfeit it. You can read complaints like this on timeshare user group websites like TUG.

2. The other complaint is that they still have to pay Interval International the annual membership fee of $100 whether they get their requested timeshare week or not.

The Interval International Network
There are Interval International resort properties in over 100 countries over 1,000 resorts, encompassing all major resort destinations.

Interval International and Timeshare Juice have large resort networks and that means that you may want to purchase more than one week. Many owners, in fact, find that owning multiple weeks gives them even more freedom. Perhaps you want to spend a vacation week every year at your favorite home resort, but you would still like the opportunity to visit fascinating destinations such as Maui, Venice, and Whistler.

Note: Just because a resort is part of the Interval International network does not prohibit that timeshare owner from using another timeshare exchange service such as Timeshare Juice to exchange their timeshare. It is perfectly in the right of the timeshare owner to choose what timeshare exchange club service they want and who they want to trade with whether their resort is affiliated with Interval International or not.

Interval International exchange alternatives
Many timeshare owners are frustrated with the ever-mounting expense of owning a timeshare and have sought out ways to exchange their timeshare without using Interval International.

Here is a blog about how to exchange your timeshare without RCI or Interval and save hundreds of dollars.

How does Interval International compare with Timeshare Juice?

Interval International has over 1,000,000 members and has been around for almost 20 years. It was founded as an alternative to RCI yet they have very similar pricing and service level.

Timeshare Juice launched this year offering 4,000 resorts.

Interval International’s website content is all created by Interval International.

Timeshare Juice website content is created by the community (like me!).

Exchange Bank
In order to exchange with Interval International you must deposit your week into the Interval International bank in order to be eligible to exchange.

You never deposit or lose control of your week at Timeshare Juice. Make offers and receive offers immediately by simply listing your timeshare on the site.

Interval International controls the process telling you what timeshares are available right now and what dates and what you are eligible to trade for.

At Timeshare Juice, you are in control. You can make an offer for any property and any dates. And you are free to accept or decline any offer.

Interval International: $100 + $139(domestic) - $179 (international) fees

Timeshare Juice has no fees for timeshare owners.

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Not all of your points are universally valid for Interval. Some are just valid for Marriott resorts when used in Interval. I don't own a Marriott, so I know nothing about trading them with II. However, some properties can use a "request first" option without depositing (Starwood I believe) and some cannot get their week back if the exchange does not go through (Hyatt for example).

August 14, 2011 17:34