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I am an RCI member using the RCI Directory for 17 years now. I figured I am qualified enough to write a quick overview on RCI. I will tell you what I know about RCI and compare it to other services like TimeshareJuice. When I joined RCI years ago, it was a good system. Since then after acquisitions and mergers with Wyndham and Fairfield, I have become disenchanted. Every time I call them they are always trying to extract money from me. RCI has changed for the worst and I can't recommend them anymore. I think Timeshare Juice is an exciting new service for timeshare owners. It's a long time coming and I am happy it is here.

Ok with that out of the way, let me tell you what I know.

What is RCI Timeshare Exchange Services?
RCI Timeshare Exchange is a timeshare exchange company with a large catalog of timeshare resorts called the RCI Directory. RCI and Interval timeshare exchange club are the two largest timeshare exchange clubs in the world by far. RCI is a timeshare exchange club (similar to Interval International) that timeshare owners join and pay annual membership fees to be a part of the club. Members also pay fees each time they exchange their timeshare with RCI or Interval International.

The major difference between RCI.com and Timeshare Juice is fees and cost. The Annual Membership for RCI = $100. For TimeshareJuice.com = $0

Lots of great info here about RCI

Timeshare Exchange transactions: RCI = $139-$199, TimeshareJuice.com = FREE

Other fees:RCI.com = $39, TimeshareJuice.com = Don't have any.

What Is RCI?
Resort Condominiums International (RCI) is the largest timeshare exchange service in the world with over 3,000,000 timeshare owner members and was founded in 1974. RCI owns the RCI Directory. RCI was founded by timeshare owner Christel DeHaan. RCI provides a large written catalog of timeshare resorts for members to browse in order to book their timeshare exchange. Once the member finds several resorts that they are willing to travel to, they call RCI, deposit their timeshare week in the RCI bank and wait until one of those resorts to open up for a trade. If the resort never opens up or another owner gets that week first, the timeshare owner has the right to remove their timeshare from the RCI bank and use it themselves. Members of this site complain that it is too late at this point to go anywhere else and must use their week or lose it. The other complaint is that they still have to pay RCI an annual membership fee of $100 whether a trade occurred or not.

The RCI Directory
There are RCI resorts in over 100 countries, encompassing all major resort destinations in the RCI resort directory. Timeshare Juice also has a large selection of resort properties all over the world.

RCI and Timeshare Juice have far-reaching resort networks and that means that you may want to purchase more than one timeshare week. Many owners (me included), in fact, find that owning multiple timeshare weeks gives them even more vacation freedom. Perhaps you want to spend a vacation week every year at your favorite home RCI resort, but you would still like the opportunity to visit fascinating destinations such as Cyprus, Belize, and the Philippines (my home). The more timeshare weeks the more options you have.

RCI Exchanges
To exchange your property, as a member of the RCI time share exchange, a member must deposit their RCI vacation property in the RCI inventory bank. You can use RCI.com My Account to do that. This means that you're essentially giving it back to RCI. You no longer can use it or rent it or trade anywhere. Based on specific RCI rules, you will be given access to view certain weeks that are available (this is according to the trading power of your property and timeshare week). Understanding the rules and the “trading power” of your week can be complicated. Trading power is determined by RCI. As other weeks become available you will be made aware. During this process (lasting days to months) you wait for RCI to get back to you.

RCI also helps with the rest of your travel reservations.
RCI Travel is available to RCI members. RCI will offer to book your airfare and car reservations to go along with your timeshare week. I think that it is more expensive and time consuming to book with RCI Travel than to make your own reservations on sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Priceline.

Other Options with RCI
The flexible options of an RCI timeshare also make it possible for you to use your property as an RCI rental, allowing others to enjoy the fine amenities and destinations you've enjoyed. You have the option to rent or buy RCI points and RCI timeshare intervals. Since the RCI weeks are owned by you, you have the option to rent your timeshare week to anyone.

How does RCI compare with Timeshare Juice? This is what I understand so far. There are distinct differences.

RCI has over 3,000,000 members and has been in existence for 30 years. It is a closed club only open to owners of resorts that have contracts with RCI.

Timeshare Juice timeshare exchange launched May 2010 is open to any owner from any resort from anywhere. Every is welcome!

RCI’s website content is entirely created and controlled by RCI. TimeshareJuice is member-created.

Exchange Bank
In order to exchange your timeshare week with RCI, you must deposit your week into the RCI bank in order to be eligible to exchange. Then you choose an available property from the RCI Directory.

You never deposit or lose control of your week at Timeshare Juice. Make offers and receive offers immediately by simply listing your timeshare on the site.

RCI-created rules control the process telling you what RCI timeshares are available right now and what dates and what you are eligible to trade for. RCI-created rules determine the outcome of the exchange. They tell you what you can exchange for or not.

At Timeshare Juice, you are in the driver's seat. You can make an offer for any property any time. And you are free to accept or decline any offer.

RCI: $250+ per year (see fees above). That's what I paid for many years and it keeps on going up.

Timeshare Juice is free.

Website and Waiting
The RCI website is cumbersome and complicated. When I call I get long hold times waiting for RCI customer service rep.

Timeshare Juice is easy and simple. No need to wait, they email you when you get a new offer and when your trade is complete. It saves me so much time. It is a dream.

Learn more about this new way to timeshare exchange.

Did I miss anything? Please feel free to add.


One of the most important things is that YOU, the timeshare owner, create the content on TimeshareJuice. You guys are in control. TimeshareJuice empowers us owners to trade however we want and with whomever we want. Also, we get to review resorts and tell other owners what the resorts are reallylike, not just rely on the resort or exchange service to tell us what they want us to read.

January 18, 2011 20:52